“Tove dispatched me down a rabbit hole, or through a Moomin door. I recommend the trip.”

NEW YORKER: May 28, 2021
Why Movies Love Kids’ Books” by Anthony Lane

“Buoyed by an appealing performance from star Alma Pöysti, drenched in sumptuous period detail and shot on 16mm film, giving it a tactile feel worthy of its subject’s artwork, “Tove” is a movie of sensuality, yes, but ultimately of warmth and friendship.”
“This is a portrait not of a lady on fire, but of a woman struggling to strike the match.”

Review: ‘Tove’ biopic reveals free-spirited children’s author’s bohemian life in post-WWII Finland” by Allen Johnson  

“You’re left with an admiration for a charming, spirited woman who — thankfully — didn’t listen to her father.”

DEADLINE: June 1, 2021
Int'l Critics Line: Anna Smith On 'Tove', Biopic Of Unconventional Moomins Creator

“Directed by Zaida Bergroth from a script by Eeva Putro (who also has a supporting role), Tove allows the brilliant artist and author behind the Moomins to finally take center stage herself.”
“As we prepare to (hopefully) leave the COVID-19 pandemic behind for a similar period of maximally embracing everything that life has to offer, it is easy to be inspired by the freewheeling look and feel of this film.”

FILM INQUIRY: May 31, 2021
“TOVE: Meet the Mind Behind the Moomins” by Lee Jutton 

“'s a dazzling piece of work which perfectly captures the essence of the artist and both the necessity and cost of authenticity.”
“Anybody can recount the story of a life. Bergroth distils the essence of a person. It's the spirit of the thing that will speak to you, and if you give it your attention, this is a film you won't forget.”

EYE FOR FILM: June 1, 2021
“Tove” by Jennie Kermode (5 out of 5-stars)

"Featuring a mesmerizing lead performance by Alma Pöysti, the sensuously textured film, shot on 16mm, concentrates on a formative decade in Tove’s life (from the mid-1940s to mid-’50s) and explores her artistic and personal passions, and the challenges they entail.”